Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Present for my Friend

I made a sig tag for Debbie last night. It's one of the first ones
I made all on my own. No tut this time...woohoo.
Debbie designs my yorkie web site and forum .She is a very dear
online friend to me for many years now. These are her sweet yorkies
Megan and Nikki. They all live in Canada. She graciously
helps me with no complaints, so I thought I'd make something special
for her. She is a breast cancer survivor and a lovely person inside
and out.
I could not find a paw template anywhere so I made my own !
I'd share it with you all but I don't have a 4 share account.
I should get one, I suppose. I made a paw mask also. I need to find some talented, veteran designers that will make more pet related scrappies.
Kit used.....Daisy Pink SwHeart Creations
Art Tube....Suzanne Woolcott 's Awareness
Paws Template....my own hybrid design
Mask......PSP provided
Effect.....Mosiac Antique
Yorkie models....Megan and Nikki

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nikkicrumpet said...

You have such a beautiful blog here. I've loved looking around! Thanks so very much for the adorable award. I will get it on my blog as soon as I do my next post. I can't believe how cute it is! Thanks so much!