Friday, July 31, 2009

Daisy Paws QP !

Here's a sweet new quick page freebie for you tonight !
I just can't resist Trina Clark's page kits. This kit
is called Daisy Mae and I love all the daisy elements.
If you have pets, I'm sure they have trampled a flower or two.
Clikc on the image for more detail.
It's full size...300 DPI
I also added a darling non pet themed freebie QP to our other
blog SugarPaw Scraps. Be sure and check that out out also.

You can download the QP...HERE

Have a great weekend !

Saturday, July 25, 2009

There's a NEW blog in town ! TaggerPaws will have a sister site
for non pet themed freebies ! The first freebie was posted there
tonight. Follow this link to SugarPaw Scraps to download
this darling QP I made from Kathy Winters new page kit
Summers End. I've added the preview page here,
so you can take a peek. It might take awhile before the new
blog is picked up by the freebie search engines like Digifree.
The colors are so cheery and the detail is PAWsome ! I scrapped
the darling grandkids and I'll be sure to add it to the blog.
I'm so happy with the fantastic blog design at
SugarPaw Scraps. It was made by Donna
from Freedom to Bark . If you need a custom blog background, check her out
because you won't be sorry. She makes the most wonderful designs with
all the extra trimmings to dress up a blog to the MAX. I haven't even added
yet most of the graphics she custom made for me. :-)
While you're over at SugarPaw Scraps blog, grab one of the
blinkies and be sure to check back often
for non pet goodies !

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Night QP Freebie !

This is a pawsome QP layout . I just love Trina Clark ! She's allowing
me to make goodies from her kits to offer free here at
This is a full size Quick Page, 12'by 12",
300 DPI . I added my furfamily inside the frames and
I'll post it tomorrow. It will look
darling framed on my scrapbook art wall.
Peaceful Petals page kit...Trina Clark
Paw frame psp help ........ Gunhild Storeide
Thank you both so very much :-)

You can Download the QP...HERE

After you download this QP, go get the FREE blog background
Donna from Freedom to Bark made with My
Dirty Paw Mini Kit ! You can never have just one
blog background especially if you're a pet lover !

Enjoy the weekend and your freebies !
Come back and show us your furkids :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Outdoor Fun QP

Jane has made another cute Quick Page freebie for TaggerPaws !
It's just perfect for a summer fun pet picture. I
just love the word art. :-)
Trina Clark , Gunhild Storeide and Digiweb Studios

You can download the darling QP...HERE

Thank you so much , Jane !

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday Night Freebie !

After a very fun day with the family at the Strawberry Festival , I sat down
and made a new Quick Page. The page kit was made by Trina Clark
and it's called House is Not a Home. If you've never seen
Trina's artwork you must go take a look at her web site. She has so many
adorable kits, clips, bits and scraps ! I love them all. She has given me
permission to make pet themed digiscraps to offer here at Taggerpaws
using her artwork. :-)
This preview doesn't show much of the detail in the QP but it's really
cute. It's 12" by 12" full size, 300 DPI .
The dog bone frame I made using detailed help from Gunhild Storeide. She's
a wonderful mentor ...thank you Gunhild ! I added a few more elements
I made that were not in Trina's Kit like the flowers , glitter
and string bow.

You can download the freebie... HERE

I'm working on a few more goodies, so check back
later !

Friday, July 17, 2009

There's a Big Smile on my face !

Donna from Freedom to Bark has made an awesome blog background
and header from my mini kit Dirty Paws ! You must go over
there , take a peek at her really neat blog and download the
wonderful blog layout freebie! I'm very happy with what
she has designed. Let's hope there will be
many more wonderful pet themed blog layouts made by Donna!
I also got some pawsome pressies from Gunhild Storeide. She
is one of the sweetest people I have met on the internet.
She has gone out of her way to help and guide me with
pet themed templates and elements.
I can't thank her often enough !
I'll be working on some cluster frames for you
this weekend. Come back soon !

Monday, July 13, 2009

Gray dog bone flair Freebies !

I thought the dog bone flairs were done for awhile but checking my folders
I found 6 looking for homes ! They are gray backgrounds. I hope
someone can use them. I apologize to the cat owners. I didn't want
to over look you but after I made the flair it dawned on me....cats
don't chew bones...ha! I don't think so anyway unless it's a catnip
bone :-) Hopefully you can use one or two of these flairs .
I'd like to thank Bel Vidotti Scraps for the preview template I used.
I needed a new one :-)
Thank you always to Gunhild Storeide for all her help with scraps
here at TaggerPaws !

Download the bone flairs ...HERE

Thanks for stopping by at TaggerPaws. We love
to have company and everyone's welcome !

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bully Stick Quick Page !

I wanted to make a layout using the bully stick flair for Lily's puppy pic.
She loved her bully stick . Not only her bully but her 2 furbrother's bully. They
were the best ones of all.
After I made the bully stick cluster frame and finished it,
I decided to turn it into a freebie quick page for anyone that can use it for their
pet scrapbooking pages. If you haven't started a memory book yet for
your sweet pet companions, please think about it. The years go
by so quickly and crafted photo memories of them become priceless !
Everything in the QP was designed and put together by myself.
Credit for the bone and button templates I used goes
to Gunhild Storiede.
It's personal use only, Full size and 300 DPI.

Bully Stick QP download...HERE

Send me a Woof if you use it or add your pet's to
the guestbook !
I hope you had a nice weekend. I sure did !

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Love My Furkid QP freebie !

TaggerPaws has a Creative Team ! WooFWoof.
I'm very happy to introduce Jane Dawson as part of our Creative Team.
She is a member of my yorkie forum , Mom to her pretty furchild
yorkie girl, Zuzu , and just a wonderful cyber friend .
She made us a great quickpage freebie ! It's just perfect for the
furkids pictures and memory albums.The QP is full size and
will print out 12" by 12". The QP can
be reduced to 10'' by 10'' or 8'' by 8'' prints very easily for
different size scrapbook albums.
Her QP elements Credit thank you goes to:
Digiweb Studios and Gunhild Storeide
Thank you Jane and we look forward to many more freebies
from you here at TaggerPaws !
You can get the I Love My Furkid freebie QP...HERE
If anyone would like to join TaggerPaws Creative Team and
make some pet themed freebies to offer on occasion
here at TaggerPaws, please send me an email.
If you're a page kit/elements designer and would allow myself
or my Creative Team to make cluster frames, quick pages, flairs
or tags from your pet themed
scrap kits to be offered as Personal Use freebies
to other pet lovers visiting TaggerPaws, please email me !
Credit will always be given along with a link to your Blog or
You might even have designed a pet themed cluster frame or QP
in the past and would like to share it with Taggerpaws for a recycled
freebie offer . We think outside the dog bed here. Send it along with your
permission to recycle offer !
Thank you again to Kathy Winters for allowing her new page kit
Dogs Rule to be scrapped as a QP by TaggerPaws. Don't
forget to visit her Blog for lots of neat goodies .
Now go get Jane's QP at 4 shared and digiscrap your FurBaby !
Paws Out !

Monday, July 6, 2009

Dogs Rule QP

I have a really cute freebie for you today ! It's a quick page I put together
using Kathy Winter Designs new kit Dogs Rule . It's an
absolutely darling pet themed kit.
I loved the colors as soon as I saw it. Kathy has generously allowed me to
make something from her pet themed kit to offer here at Taggerpaws.
I think you'll love this quick page for your memory pages. Just plop
a picture of your furbaby under the frame , merge and print. It's a full size
12' by 12' QP, 300 dpi , Personal Use only. Please go to her blog and look around. You
can't believe all the wonderful goodies she has there. If you'd
like her Dogs Rule page kit, which has lots more cute papers
and elements than I used in the QP for your very own, you
can get it at Scrapable .

Download the Dogs Rule QP freebie.... HERE

As always, if you use the QP for your pet's pic, come back and
show us here at Taggerpaws ! We love seeing all your pet

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

BBQ BFF Quick Page

It's your lucky day ! In celebration of my daughter's birthday
on the 4th of July and the introduction of my own digi scraps
design name... SugarPaw Scraps, I'm offering a matching
BBQ BFF quick page as an additional Freebie . I know there
are many of you that only use quick pages because as a beginner
that's all I downloaded also. Just pop a pic under the layer
and merge the layers. The QP is 2400 by 2400 pixels , 300 DPI .
Print out size is 8" by 8" for this QP .
Credits are the same as the BBQ BFF cluster frame below except
for the dog bone/paw print flair and paw print overlay was
made by myself.

Download the BBQ BFF Quick page ... HERE

Independence page kit....Kathy Winters Design
Dog clipart..... Primsy Doodle
Bone/paw flair & paw overlay.... SugarPaw Scraps

Independence Cluster Frame

It's almost the 4th of July weekend ! Time
is flying by. Most of us will be
busy getting ready for BBQ family and friends get togethers.
It's our daughter's birthday so we'll be celebrating all day long.
I made a 4th of July cluster frame freebie for you
today. It's from Kathy Winter Designs
new page kit called Independence. It's a darling
patriotic kit and can be purchased at Kathy
is allowing me to use her kits to make fun freebies
for TaggerPaws. She is such a great friend ! Go check
out her awesome Word Art and design kits on her blog Word Art Fun.
The dog used in the cluster frame is from Primsy Doodle
at . I hope you can use the frame in a layout
or reduced for a sig tag. If you do, I'd love to see it. Please
sign the guestbook with your LO !
I also made a layout using the cluster frame and I will upload it to
the guestbook to show .
The frame is PU 2400 pixels by 1800 pixels , 300 DPI for
full layouts or you can reduce for sig tags.
Credit for the cluster frame and a link back
to TaggerPaws is always appreciated !

You can Download the Freebie frame... HERE

Stop by here again in a few days for another freebie
from Kathy's new pet themed kit ... Dogs Rule.

*Have a Pawsatively wonderful day *