Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Cluster Frame

I had a bit of a disappointment today but my pity party
didn't last long. I made a cluster frame from a pet page kit I
purchased last year.
I was hoping to offer the cluster frame as a freebie to everyone.
I asked for permission from the designer but was turned down.
Bummer !
I worked very hard on the frame to get it just right. Because it is
a frame and others can add to it, it's not allowed under her TOU.
I dusted myself off and added a picture of my beautiful
grandaughter Gina and my sweet furgrandaughter Roxie to
the cluster frame. I'll show it here and when I have more time
this weekend, I'll make a larger layout.
I'm hoping to find a designer of a pet page kit that will allow me to
make another cluster frame and offer it as a freebie here. Hint ! Hint !
Back to the drawing board !

1 comment:

Whimsical said...

This is a really lovely frame, love how you have created it. Gorgeous pic too! :-)))))